Each year we convene a community of rising and established talent in the food industry doing multi-layered work from food justice to food-based culture and arts. We host a series of panels and discussions that center women-identified people of color to help level up each other’s work, think through our urban foodscape, develop ways to build community, and rise up economically and personally through food-centered work and entrepreneurship.

Our 2nd Annual Community Symposium will take place on Sunday, September 29, 2019 at NAVEL. This year’s theme is Build Our Own Table. Through collaboration and ownership of our resources as a means of collective survival in mind, we have put together a day-long event aimed at skillsharing knowledge specific to business and project growth. We’ll be discussing the leveraging of tools like tech and social media, and the demystification of institutional terms like ‘investment capital’ or ‘equity’ from abstract ideas to entry points for developing models of WOC-centered ownership.

We will also take time to focus on self-care and provide demo space for communal yoga practice along with sustainable sourcing and reduction of single-use plastics in our food-centered work.

To partner with us or support this event please contact us or visit our donate page.